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    2017 Navajo Missions Trip

    We will be taking frozen turkeys and firewood to a church on the Navajo reservation. A little over 11 cords of wood has already been donated by a generous family. Approximately 60% of the wood will need to be blocked and split. A portion (typically 1/2 to 1/3 cord) of firewood and a frozen turkey will then be delivered to needy families as an outreach -- putting action to Christ's command on how we should treat one another. We will also have the opportunity to pray with each family. In addition, there are a couple of projects at the church that the pastor has requested help with. We arrive Friday, work Saturday, and return Sunday. Come be part of a great way to touch families for Christ.

    Further details:

    • Meals: We will divide meals among the area teams. So one team (for example, Canon City) will be responsible for one meal for everyone. Group meals are Friday dinner; Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and Sunday breakfast. All other meals, as well as snacks, are on your own.
    • Cost: The only cost is your own transportation and how the team you are with decides to handle the meal costs. There is no other fee to participate.
    • Donations: If you want to donate money, send a check to: Rocky Mountain Ministry Network, 6295 Lehman Drive, Suite 202, Colorado Springs, CO 80918 and put "FCF" in the memo.
    • Lodging: The primary building we use has a dirt floor and a wood stove roughly in the middle. The guys will sleep in that building and we will cook, eat, and coordinate there as well. The ladies will stay in the sanctuary building which has a solid floor and a better wood stove. Bathrooms are the outhouses in the field next to the buildings.
    • Individual equipment: Work clothes, gloves, and work shoes for Saturday; Casual clothes for traveling; Sleeping gear (tarp, cot, sleeping bag, etc) - there are some mattresses there, but not enough for everyone, ladies could sleep on the pews
    • Team equipment: Chainsaws; Tools (hanging & wiring lights and installing a door); Meal supplies and cooking gear - there is a basic 2-burner propane stove there and very limited pots & pans

    Where: Navajo church and community near Counselor, NM

    When: November 17-19, 2017 (always the weekend before Thanksgiving)

    Note: This counts as a District-sponsored missions trip for the Adventure Global Missions Merit.

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    2017 Sioux Missions Trip

    We will be working with boys on merit-type activities and building mentor type relationships.

    Where: Sioux Reservation in Wanblee, South Dakota

    When: June 16-18, 2017

    Details: Information flyer now available.


    2016 Navajo Missions Trip

    Where: Navajo church and community near Counselor, NM

    When: November 18-20, 2016 (always the weekend before Thanksgiving)

    What: Take frozen turkeys (and clothes & blankets) and take/cut/deliver firewood. Arrive Friday, work Saturday, return Sunday.

    Note: This counts as a District-sponsored missions trip for the Adventure Global Missions Merit.

    Trip recap (includes photo collage) is now available.


    2017 Aspen Alley Project Day

    We will be doing what the camp coordinator deems most needed. This could be tree cleanup, fence repair, field mowing, building repair, etc. The Salvation Army has an awesome property and we will be helping preserve the natural beauty there.

    Where: Salvation Army's Aspen Alley property (GPS coordinates: 41°07'43.6"N 107°10'23.6"W)

    When: Saturday, Aug 12, 2017 (arrive Friday evening or early Saturday, and depart late Saturday or Sunday morning)

    Details: Flyer available here


    2016 Pikes Peak Section Turkey Shoot

    Where: Restoration Church, 9355 Peaceful Valley Rd, Colorado Springs, CO

    When: Saturday, Nov 12, 2016 from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

    What: FCF is supporting the turkey shoot. There will also be Archery, BB Gun, and Paintball events.

    Details: See this flyer.


    Bonds' Porch Rebuilding

    Where: Jim & Nancy Bonds' house in Castle Rock

    When: Oct 1, 2016

    What: Rebuild (remove, clean, build) their front porch deck


    2016 Aspen Alley Workday

    Where: Salvation Army's Aspen Alley Campground (GPS coordinates are: 41°07'43.6"N 107°10'23.6"W)

    When: Saturday, Aug 13, 2016

    What: Tree cleanup, fence repair, walking path cut-in

    Details: See this flyer.


    2009 Mexico Pathfinders Gold Trip

    A summary deck of the trip is located here.

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